Journal Entry #132: On Having Conversations With Women

By Emmet Roberts. Location: Blue Moon Cafe

Asking a woman out on a date can be very difficult, especially if you are a bit on the shy side. No matter who you are– even if you are the smartest guy on the planet— it’s a fact that asking a woman out is really hard to do. It takes a lot of confidence to be able to approach a woman you like and start a conversation, and you need to triple the amount of effort if you want to take a woman you really like out to dinner. According to, one of the most difficult things to do would be to start and carry a conversation with a woman, and I agree wholeheartedly.

Girl Talk

Photo credit: George Eastman House (via Flickr)

If you happen to belong to the category of shy men who takes forever to approach a woman and just talk to her, read on. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to talk to a woman.

Tip Number 1: Be comfortable with making eye contact. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, so better be sure that you can make a firm eye contact with a woman you like. This pretty much lets her know that you are interested in her, making your intentions easy to understand when you try to start a conversation.  If her response is a positive one, you know that you’re on the right track! 

Tip Number 2: Take advantage of every situation. Timing is everything, and this is particularly true when it comes to talking to a woman. If you’ve been eyeing her every single move then it’s about time to do something about it! If you see her at the cafeteria, push all that nervousness aside and approach her and make a friendly conversation out of it.

Tip Number 3: Show a little charm and be funny. Women love to laugh. If you are gifted with the ability to charm a woman off her socks, then good for you!

Use it as a way to initiate a conversation, like voicing out a small observation that will make sense to her in a comical way at any given and appropriate situation. Again, timing is everything—your joke will fall flat if you don’t know how to time it well to catch her interest.

Tip Number 4: Start small. Do not bore her to death with details about your life that will make her head for the nearest exit sign. A couple of good things to talk about during the very first conversation would be your occupation, your hobbies, the classes you’re taking, your favourite food.

Do not overwhelm her with details on the first conversation attempt; it’s just going to scare her off. Besides, you want to take your time in trying to get to know her—that’s where the fun is.

Be confident!

It’s always important to be confident—otherwise your nervousness will take over your complete self. Just be natural, don’t overdo it, and be interesting and friendly—and you’re good to go! Just remember—it all begins with a simple conversation.

Follow these quick and simple tips and you’d be able to talk to a woman and pass with flying colours. :)

Weekend Journal Update: Clubbing Turnoffs!

By: Emmet Roberts. Written at Cafe Hon, Baltimore. Special thanks to Joanne Carlson and Matthew Richards for inputs.

What’s not to love in a club? If you’re a regular party-going man, there’s nothing not to love about this place. For one, it makes picking women up much easier. Thanks to booze, blinding laser lights, and the party atmosphere, women are more fun and far easier to talk to. The club atmosphere somehow allows most women to let loose of the usual inhibitions they have in the sober, real world. If you’re new to the “friends with benefits” concept, click here.

Things that will make her turn off

That is not saying, however, that just because women in the club are more tolerant of men, men can already act like total savages devoid of any moral and ethical standards. Seriously, alcohol is not an excuse for bad behavior; there is still no excuse for men who turn off women by doing these things in their club appearances:

Nice woman!

Photo credit: R. Carmadella

  1. Touch women inappropriately. You could be dancing all sexy and provocatively with some woman at the club but that does not give you any right to touch her – inappropriately or otherwise! Oh, and that goes without saying too that  you are not supposed to touch her just because she is tipsy or drunk and is hardly even aware of what you’re doing . She may not notice it but the other women around you would and that would make them want to stay away from a perv like you.
  2. Get really drunk. Okay, so you’re in a club. There’s a lot of booze. And more importantly, you have money for booze. However, none of these aforementioned situations specifically say that you are supposed to buy all the booze that your money can afford, not withholding on your own body’s capacity for alcohol intake. It’s not even about how badly you act when you’re drunk; men who can’t control their drinking even in a social scene where it’s practically acceptable to drink a lot is just a turnoff. It makes you seem irresponsible and you won’t attract the good girls around.
  3. Pick a fight with other men. This is unacceptable and a turnoff wherever and whenever. You don’t need to be in a bar to make this unacceptable; there is no excuse for violence. No woman would want to be with a guy who has anger issues!
  4. Stinky men. Clubs will always make you sweat. The dancing, the crowd – everything about it will make you sweat. And if you come to the club unshowered and without the protection of a reliable deodorant, you’re seriously going to have a bad time. Who wants to dance with a stinky person, let alone stand close to them! Oh, and that also goes to your breath.  Crowded clubs make people stand close to each other so you had better be ready with mints unless you want her to guess what you had for dinner after your first ‘Hi’. 
  5. Boring men. Okay, so you’re in a club and you want to meet women. But you refuse to dance, you refuse to move around and somehow you are expecting to make a decent conversation with some lady in the club by pulling her aside at the bar or by the toilets. That’s not how it works.  You impress her in the club, get her number, and take her out on a real date.  Real dates don’t happen in clubs sir so reserve your being boring and anti-social on days when you’re not looking to meet women for hookups.

And whatever you do, don’t be this guy –


What to Give Her for Christmas

1121740_20389421It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, until you have to be the boyfriend who has to stand in the stores for hours – totally clueless about what you have to give his woman. Gift giving during Christmas is practically just as difficult as picking out a Valentine’s Day or Anniversary gift altogether.  Okay, so gift giving is something that could well be interpreted as one of the most challenging boyfriend duties in the world. See, when giving gifts to your ladylove, you have to come up with something that’s both practical and sweet – not to mention looks great.

So, in the name of gift giving, goodwill and merriment in the air, I present to you gentlemen of this generation some very helpful tips on what to get your girl for Christmas.

Do you know how to have meaningful conversations with women? Learn it now from SIBG!

What to Get Your Girl For Christmas

One secret to giving a successfully satisfying gift – any gift – for your girlfriend is this: it should be about her. It should be about her favorites, her hobbies, her needs, and her personality. It should be something that tells her ‘I know my girl and I definitely know what she wants’. But while it may be the perfect time to give her an oven for Christmas – knowing how much she’s loving cooking lately, she may not actually like it as much as a simple little apron in her favorite color and with embroidery of her name.

So your gifts should be well thought of, thoughtful, and still pretty. Here are other tips on Christmas gifts for your ladylove:

  • For the sporty woman – a new mini-mp3 player with the arm holder that she can take with her for treks and jogs; a pair of the trainers she’s been eyeing for the past month; a new watch that has a calorie burn counter; or a new pair of the latest sports sunnies that has an extra anti-glare for those afternoon runs.
  • For the fashionista – an actual ‘look book’ or a compilation of all her fashion shots on print a la scrapbook; a gift certificate at her favorite store (safer than getting her something that’s not flattering for her).
  • For the kitchen goddess: the whatever is on Home Shopping Network that she’s been eyeing for some time, a personalized kitchen outfit; a new set of china with her initials in the back; a framed cross-stitch of ‘Kitchen Goddess’ or some other clever thing that she can use to decorate her kitchen with.
  • For the classy lady: a new set of pearls (jades, emeralds, and maybe diamonds will do), a limited edition Vuitton bag, or some vintage pair of shoes.
  • For the movie buff: a whole set of classic movies, a vintage movie poster, or a new lazy chair for her for your next movie marathon.
  • For the career woman-on-the-go: a personalized stationery, a personalized planner and post-it set, or a classy little tote to match her power suits

Getting something personal and custom-made for her will never, ever fail to impress and touch her – after all, no one else will ever have anything like it. So go the extra mile on that! Merry Christmas!

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Most Romantic Places in Asia to Take Your Girlfriend To

2Traveling is one of the best and most therapeutic things that couples can do. It can give you images about the possibilities of ending up a la Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy in ‘Just Married’ where their supposed best moment as a couple turns up into the worst one that ended up shaking the very core of their relationship. But trust me, it shouldn’t be that way at all. It can be that one event in your relationship that would strengthen you as a couple – a defining moment, and possibly one that could move your relationship up a notch and to the next level.

This could be the perfect anniversary gift, birthday gift, or practically just some random holiday that you can spend together. And spice it up with the PUADatabase conversation guide (what to talk about with a girl).

Most Romantic Places in Asia

While most couples would look for Paris in France, Venice in Italy, or the island of Santorini in Greece for their most romantic getaway, let me present to you the romantic jewels of Asia. This is successful! How to get there? Gentlemen, here are the most romantic places in Asia to take your girlfriend to:

  1. Langkawi, Malaysia. Ahh but of course, Malaysia’s top holiday destination is composed of 99 beautiful islands with crystal clear waters and the most beautiful beach line this side of the world. It won’t be in Malaysia’s top list for nothing. And it does not stop with the beaches; go further and you’re in Malaysia’s dense, awe-inspiring and almost virgin jungles and pristine mountain peaks. SO whether you’re looking for some nature-trippin’ adventure, or that you are looking for some beach time, Langkawi should be in your choice list. It is part of Kedah state, close to the Thai border.
  2. Boracay Island, Philippines. Southeast Asia are blessed with the most beautiful beaches in the world and Boracay Islands in the Philippines are one of the best proofs of it. The sands are powdery, the beach is crystal clear – but nothing can get any more romantic than Boracay’s iconic sunset. Kiss in the sunset or go all night and have dinner by the beautiful beach and you won’t need so much to create a most beautiful proposal. You just pop the question and the island will do the rest for you. Boracay is located in Central Philippines.
  3. Macau. This former colony of Portugal, and is now under part of China, is part Asia, part Europe. And you don’t need to fly to Italy to get that iconic canal ride complete with a singer. Macau has it! Walk in its historic walls and historic roads, old Cathedrals, or go all out on the shopping experience. There’s not a travel experience without shopping – for women at least.
  4. Chiang Mai, Thailand. The thing about Chiang Mai is that the experience is as authentically Thai as it can be. You get to ride the elephants, visit the Thai wildlife, eat the really spicy Thai food (which, I heard, have aphrodisiac qualities), and then experience the sticky, humid tropical air under the Thai sun – well that’s a way to experience Thailand and make memories together!
  5. Siem Reap, Cambodia. You would think it’s practically the same experience as Thailand, but you have got to fall in love with the rusticity of Cambodia’s most visited city. The people here are laidback, life here is slow-paced, and everything seems to be trapped at a distant time in history. It’s like being in a different world and a different time; not to mention the ancient buildings are just picture-perfect. Now how is that for enjoying and basking in each other’s time together?

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What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head on over to Asia’s couple paradise!

Successful Rebound Relationship and How to Get There

Hello Guys!

I know you need my help! Today, we are going to talk about the Successful Rebound Relationship and How to Get There. Hope you’ll enjoy the article! PS, please also read some old blog posts for more information. Thank you!

Rebound relationships – can they ever be successful? See, rebounds are the face and perfect example of relationships gone horribly wrong. How can this not be wrong anyway? More often than not, rebounds are the fruit of revenge, sometimes loneliness, other times, both. These types of relationships are created with the wrong intentions and at the wrong timing – does not matter who the person you’re in it with. sad

There is an almost 100% failure rate as far as these rebound relationships can go. But then again, almost. Some relationships that formed with the intention of moving on from a too recent breakup can actually have a chance at becoming a significant something in the long run. While most rebound relationships don’t get any further than a few months before the ugly, dirty head of the past lurks in, some relationships succeed that phase.

Tips on how to make it

Don’t get me wrong here and let me make this clear: the chances are slim, but hey – a chance is a chance! Take it slow! Here are some doable tips on how to make your rebound relationships successful:

  1. If you date someone totally different from your ex. This will have you avoid any comparison of sorts. You’ll have a better chance at moving on from your ex, while still getting a better chance at falling for a totally different girlfriend. The chances of getting haunting memories of your ex, calling her by your ex’s name, and contemplating whether it is the memory of the ex or the new girl you’re falling are quite low.
  2. If you don’t introduce her to friends just yet. I’ll take the same logic that goes with the saying ‘less talks, less mistakes’ on this one: the fewer the people who talk about the new girl, the better are the chances that you can enjoy some blissful solitude for a much longer time. Sometimes, it’s the opinion of others that make things complicated, no matter how well-meaning they are. So keep her to yourself much longer, not exactly to seem like you followed the three-month rule, but mainly to create a good, solid foundation between you two that even third-person opinions cannot penetrate.
  3. Create new memories. Take her to places that are different from where you and the ex frequented. Create a new set of memories, new likes and dislikes that you can share together. It would be much easier to achieve, however, if you could get her to take the lead. Try out everything that she loves and likes and learn it. You’ll never know how much you’d discover from her and how much you’d actually enjoy it.
  4. Have an open mind. This might be the hardest but this is in fact the most essential thing to do to make your rebound relationship successful. Let your open mind rule you over; don’t box yourself with expectations pertaining to your old relationship and expect for it to still apply on your new relationship. Start with a clean slate, a tabula rasa. This is an entirely different woman and there is no way she can be any similar to your ex so treat her differently! Open your mind to what she has to offer for you and don’t compare her with the ex. It never worked with the previous one, that’s why you’re getting another chance with a new one.

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And don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed!

5 Signs You’re a Selfish Boyfriend

selfish boyfriend

Are you a selfish boyfriend?

More often than not, a romantic relationship calls for us to be selfless, to put our partners and their needs ahead of our own. Ideal relationships mean sharing each other’s lives. To most couples, that feeling of giving everything they have for the benefit of their partner is the most satisfying and most selfless act; ironically, when this act of selflessness is not returned – that is, when the other person in the relationship acts quite selfishly – the relationship is out of balance and yes, the selfless party goes about feeling unloved and dissatisfied.

So whether you’re girlfriend has called you ‘selfish’ one too many times, or most, if not all, of your relationships failed to materialize into something significant, you may actually have problems about being selfish, here are some signs that will prove (or hopefully, disprove) your suspicions.

Are you a selfish boyfriend?

Here are 5 unmistakable signs that you are a selfish boyfriend:

  1. You are demanding but you hate being demanded on. You bark orders on your girlfriend, you tell her – without batting an eye – about what you expect from her, and you give her your thoughts and requests regularly but you get pissed when she returns the demand, then you are quite selfish. One very common and telltale sign of selfishness of all forms is when you want your needs filled and satisfied but you are not willing to do the same and return the favor.
  2. You don’t really ask about how she feels. So you expect her to understand and to be sensitive about your feelings, but you don’t remember any instance that you actually have asked her about hers. You come in late to a date like a boss, you make her wait long for your texts. But you expect her to be there for you and be nice and attentive when you whine about losing at fantasy basketball, when you don’t even ask how she’s doing when she’s having a major period cramp. Oh sure. That’s sick and that’s selfish!
  3. The fight is always her fault. Well, on one hand this is not having accountability for what you’ve done wrong. On the other, this is plain bullcrap and is outright selfishness. How can everything be seriously her fault? Don’t you take time to step back, look at the circumstances from an objective point of view, hear her out, and check if it’s really her fault?

But wait, here are some fundamentals of dating for men – some advice from Sonic Seduction.

  1. You are more valuable in the relationship than her. Sometimes, your selfishness is in the mindset. To think that you will be better off without her than she is without you is a clear sign of self-centeredness, which also is the root cause of this crazy thing called selfishness. That is why you give more value to your needs than to hers, simply because you think you are actually more important and you are the ‘life’ of the relationship.
  2. You don’t find the need to help her with anything. Oh come on, it’s not really about you finding her strong and independent enough to get her own thing going. You’re just too lazy and too selfish to stand up, man up, and offer her your help. It’s not even about whether she actually needs help, it’s about you actually offering to help her because she’s your girlfriend.

So, on a scale of one to selfish, how selfish are you based on these signs?

Also visit my last blog post. For further questions, email me at Thanks!

How to Take Things Slow and Still Keep Her Interested

Relationships these days have become as instant as the instant microwave lasagna at the supermarket. A few hours on the first date, a make out sesh or two, and two strangers are instantly a couple. And what do you expect, some weeks later, the relationship is over! Heck, why do we even wonder and get surprised that some people stay married for 72 days a la Kim Kardashian or 15 hours a la Britney Spears? Well, Is she playing mind games with you? Here’s how to beat it!

Make-The-First-Move-and-Keep-Her-Interested-In-3-Suave-StepsMore and more couples are getting into the instant relationship experience, ruining the experience itself for them. It’s like they are all under a love-at-first-sight kind of crappy spell that everyone wants to believe despite knowing that it’s a one-in-a-million chance kinda thing. That, or they just are too lazy and too impatient to wait a few dates more before making things serious or several years of serious, committed relationship before moving in together or, uhm, tying the knot.

And fewer and fewer people are actually seeing the beauty and benefits of taking things slow, of getting to know the other people better, more deeply. They are missing out on holding back for the sake of looking forward to the next date, and of becoming friends, even best friends, in the process.

Ways to take things slow and still keep her interested

But thinking about it, however, it’s quite easy to tell why people want to get things done really fast and instant. Men and women these days are scared about taking things slow for fear of having the other person lose interest in the process; after all, no one wants heartbreak! So they jump into the relationship; they “strike while the iron is hot”. They jump into it too fast that when things cool down, they couldn’t find anything between each other that they could hold on to.

Thankfully, there are ways to take things slow and still keep her interested. Here are some tips:

  • Actually keep things interesting. Always have some interesting dates, have something new for each date, and be full of great surprises. That should make her look forward to being with you and delay the natural progression of any relationship into monotony.
  • Delay the sex. Everyone jumps into sex like it’s become the point of going on dates. To keep things slow yet interesting, hold it off for maybe at least 90 days while keeping her interested in doing a lot of other things with you. Share hobbies, spend time discovering new things together, and know each other better in the process. The longer you guys have waited for it, the more special your first time becomes. (PS: don’t forget to keep complimenting her for her looks though; you don’t want her to think you’re delaying sex because you are not attracted to her.
  • Be mysterious. Don’t divulge everything to her all too soon. Show it to her bit by bit, so there’s still something to look forward to about you. That makes you less boring actually.
  • Take time to discover her bit by bit. Take the time to understand her, know her, and discover her innermost self. She’d love you for it, and you’d thank yourself for taking that extra step.

Try it on one of your more serious flings; you might start seeing the difference. But this is definitely not going to work if you’re only looking for a part time thing, but will definitely work for people if you’re after something significant and real. Good luck!

Don’t Be This Type of Man!

Some women hate men who move too fast. Others hate those who are too full of themselves. But most, if not ALL women hate, avoid, and get annoyed by these types of men (aka DON’T BE LIKE ANY OF THEM!):

  • The Me-man: he’s one man who’s so in love with himself that he’d be better off in a relationship with no one but himself. He loves himself, only thinks about himself, and practically, that’s all he can do as far as love is concerned.
  • Mr Insecure: opposite the me-man, Mr Insecure loves nothing about himself. He thinks he’s inferior to everyone else and that he’s up to no good. His words will make you think that he’s just nobly humble but it’s actually laced with pity parties and comparisons. 271000-xsmall1
  • The Player: no one likes the player – not in any gender! Players are just fun now and they wreak heartbreak wherever they land. Human instinct naturally dictates the urge to protect oneself in the presence of danger; and a player is definitely dangerous to anyone’s heart.
  • The Obsessed. These are men who, when they set their eyes on one woman, will take years and years or severe blow to the head to forget and/or move on from her. They are bad exes, bad boyfriends, and bad admirers. They will hunt their exes and ladyloves to get what they want, and they do a better job guarding their girlfriends than the CIA.
  • The Non-Committal. They want the goods but they don’t want to pay for it. This is the best way to describe what the non-committal man. They want to go out on dates, they want to make out, they want to do everything couples do but without committing to one girl. And while this may not be the intention, it may come off to women as an excuse to do as many girlfriend-boyfriend things with as many women as possible.
  • jealous-man-130412Mr Jealousy: well, what can I say? The name says it all. It does not need any further descriptions than that.
  • Mr Perpetual Amnesia: okay, so guys might just be a little less efficient than women at remembering things, but forgetting important dates and events would be just a bummer. That’s so awful, especially for us women who make an effort of remembering things. Hmpf!
  • The Perpetual Fling: just like the non-committal guy, the perpetual guy does not go any further than flings. That’s all he does, that’s all he’s good at and that’s all he will ever be. They’re better off as women’s best guy friends.
  • Mr Feeler: Ahh how could we miss this type of guy on our list? These are the guys who cannot just fail to make a commitment; they couldn’t say out what they feel solely because they are afraid of rejection. And thus they turn towards sending feelers, giving hints and thus end up confusing the woman with how he truly feels about her.

Well obviously, this is not the kind of men that really know how to win a girl’s heart. Now tell me, are you one of these men?

Are You Her Rebound Guy?

A rebound is only as good as it is in a game of hoops. Outside of that and specifically inside a budding romantic relationship, that’s definitely bad news. And this is especially bad if you are the rebound.

Rebound relationships are almost always doomed to fail. Not to mention, it can get very complex and quite painful too. For one, the ex is, more than ever, not just a big thing to ‘consider’ but is a looming, haunting presence. There’s also the fact that she is using you to (a) move on from her breakup or (b) to get back at her ex or (c) BOTH.

Signs you are just her rebound

young man kissing girlEven if you always try the effective ways on how to touch her heart – a simple approach, she still considers you as a rebound. Either way, your being a rebound is bad, bad, bad. And you should not be in that situation because you deserve better. Think you might be her rebound? Check out the signs below and find out for yourself:

  • The time between her breakup and between the beginning of your relationship is quite short. Rebound relationships are the easiest ways to escape a bad breakup. If she jumped into a relationship with you soon after her breakup, there’s a great chance that she’s using you to escape her heartbreak (and maybe her bad ex).
  • If everyone but you and her are surprised about your relationship. If everyone says it’s “too soon”, or everyone acts like it at least, then it must actually be a little too soon. While I could tell you the importance of not minding other people’s opinions about your relationship and to simply run it the way you want to, sometimes, their opinions will tell you what you couldn’t see in your girlfriend. So if they think it’s too soon, think it through, you might have been used!
  • She gets too defensive when the topic of her ex comes up. You know how people deny things a little too exaggeratedly when they are hiding something about it? That’s exactly the same reaction your girl will give you if you even so mention the ex. It’s like she’s running away from him so desperately and is using you to accelerate her moving on process.
  • She still has his stuff. Part of a person’s moving on process includes the power and the motivation to let go of every remnant of that past relationship without bitterness. And if she’s truly and fully moved on from him before getting on a relationship with you, she should have rid herself of them long, long time ago. Otherwise, she’s still almost literally holding on to the memories of what they used to have.
  • She keeps comparing you to her ex. It does not even matter whether or not she’s talking about the good things or the bad things you have in common with her ex. The fact that she’s talking about her ex and puts you side by side is never great news. It only means that she’s still thinking about him!

If you see any of these signs in your current flame, pack your bags, become a happy single guy  and GO! NOW!

How to Approach Cynical Women


How to approach a cynical woman.

There are fewer and fewer romantic women out there today. They have lost the faith in courtship, falling in love, and maybe even love altogether. More women have become cynical when it comes to romantic pursuits. Some are just plain romance-is-bullshit kind of cynics; others have gone a bit extreme and onto becoming total man-haters.

And this, of course, is never good news for any straight man looking for a real relationship. This means that there are lesser chances of finding the right woman around because most of them do not even believe in that kind of thing anymore. Take a quiz to know how cynical is she.

But not all hope is lost. There are ways to make the cynical woman look at you in a way other than a total heart-breaker or waste of time. And one very important key point to remember is that keys these cynical, cold-hearted women have either seen the worst of the male kind, or have not seen any good in the men they’ve met at all. Or it could be both.
And your job should be focused on one thing and one thing alone: be the best member of the male species that she’s ever met – be good enough for her to believe in the dignity of men again. And how you approach them will be the crucial first step in scoring big points with the cynical girl who has caught your eye.

Approach A Cynical Woman

Here are some very important and efficient tips on how to approach the cynics of the female kind:

  • Be a friend. If you bring in the romantic angle too soon, she’d close her doors on you even before you get to ring the bell. So be a friend – guy friends are harmless and do not come with the ulterior motive. And even if you do have an ulterior motive, your patience and your efforts on knowing her fully will score you more points than you can ever gain from giving expensive gifts. Yes, mister, I’m telling you exactly to put yourself in the friendzone.
  • Do not come off as pushy. Cynical women are more often than not very defensive. They will take their stand firmly and the last thing you’d want is to challenge that.
  • Be a good listener. These are women who have never seen the best in most men they’ve known, or have seen the worst in men. And the best way to impress the cynical women is to embody every woman’s ideal man: the listening kind.
  • Be the funny guy. Whilst you’re playing the friendly guy card, might as well play it to the top level. Nothing is more impressive, more memorable kind of man to any woman – even the most cynical ones – other than the funny guy. Don’t try too hard, avoid dirty and offensive humor, and make sure you have her attention, see SonicSeduction collection of funny pickup lines.
  • Always be the gentleman. Remember, boy, you are trying to be the model specimen of your species! So read your old grandpa’s book on being the ultimate gentleman and be it. This might just be the exact thing your cynical lady needs to change her mind about falling in love.

She’ll be ready soon. Just wait and patiently wait. How to know that she’s ready? See the 5 Signs that She’s Ready for a Relationship.

Talk to you again soon. Good luck :)

5 Signs that She’s Ready for a Relationship

Some people are cut for relationships. Others are unripe for it and remain really great flirts. Others never make it to the first level. IF you’re looking for a long term relationship, it is pretty important to know whether or not the person you’re dating is looking for the long term or not.

The thing is, for a relationship to work, you both have to be looking at the same thing. You both have to have the same intention. And if you’re looking for a long term relationship and the lady who’s the apple of your eye is looking for flings, you’d have a huge problem (aka broken heart).

Signs that She’s Ready

She's Ready

A woman who is ready for a relationship.

In my past blog post, I already stated some Romantic Lunch Date Ideas that you can do to spice up your dating stage. But before asking how to get her to love you, let us tackle first how do you know if the girl you’re dating is ready for a relationship? How do you know if she’s going to break your heart by not being ready? Here are 5 sure telltale signs that she’s ready for a relationship:

1.    She believes in relationships. Oftentimes, the people who have shunned relationships out of their list are those who do not believe in the nobility of a formal, committed relationship. They have either never believed it in the first place or they have lost their faith in it. But if your ladylove believes in the essence of a committed relationship, chances are, she’s ready for the long haul and you only have to give her all the elements that make a relationship real for her.
2.    She does not flirt around. There’s a difference between friendly flirting and actual flirting for the sake of flirting. The friendly type is safe – something that are actually useful at work and in business. The other type, on the other hand, is very detrimental to a budding relationship. If you think she’s flirting around with other men because she loves their attention, you might not want to risk getting heartbreak from this lady. Commitment is one of the most important ingredients to a relationship and someone who’s ready for it actually knows how to commit.
3.    She is not scared of relationships. Apart from being cynical about relationships, other people are scared of it. They are scared of actually being in one – scared of rejection, of commitment, of being betrayed, of so many things both logical and illogical. If she has gotten past her fears of relationships, or if she chooses to put them aside, then maybe she is actually ready for it.
4.    She trusts you. (Or at least she tries to). Trust is one of the foundations of a relationship, and if a woman is ready to give you that – doubts and all –then maybe she is actually ready to settle down with you in a committed relationship. Relationships require us to give a part of ourselves to our partners and that requires a lot of trust. If she can give you that, then she is ready for commitment.
5.    She tells you that she is ready. IF she says she’s ready to give you her full commitment, respect it and give it a try. Even more so, give it if she tells you that she loves you and she shows it. Sometimes, the only thing that a girl needs to be ready for an actual relationship is a man who can assure her that she won’t be alone while at it.

One article from stated, “Every respectable man knows it is hard to put yourself out there. Sometimes the process of finding a lady that is ready to commit can be frustrating.” Read more about this.

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